Conventional sounder lighting strobe

Elevate your safety standards with the Conventional Sounder Lighting Strobe, now offered at IBMS LTD situated in Kimihurura on KN 14 Avenue 46. This cutting-edge safety device combines audible and visual alerts, ensuring swift and effective notifications in emergency situations.

Key features of our Conventional Sounder Lighting Strobe include:

  1. Audible Alert System: A robust sounder emits clear and distinct alerts, enhancing situational awareness in noisy environments.
  2. Visual Alert System: Powerful strobe lights provide high-visibility warnings, ideal for areas with low visibility or for individuals with hearing impairments.
  3. Reliable Performance: Engineered for durability and reliability, our sounder lighting strobe ensures consistent operation when it matters most.

At IBMS LTD, your safety is our priority. Reach out to us at or call us at +250 780 504 400 to explore our range of conventional sounder lighting strobe devices. Trust us for top-notch safety solutions!



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